Hi! I'm Alyssa. 

In a nutshell, I...


In the words of Shia LeBouf, I don't let my dreams be just dreams. "What if" is a starting point for me. Once I have an idea, you can expect a personal project and experiment to come out of it. This is not only to satisfy my creativity, but my curiosity as well. 

I'm filled to capacity with empathy. I enjoy connecting with others and helping them realize and reach their goals. I like to think my work does the same thing. Accomplishing something as a team is a worthwhile journey that I'm grateful to be part of, and having fun as a team is also a plus. 

Art and design have been part of my identity since childhood. This passion to create work has helped me express myself, and more recently, the thoughts of the people I work with. Being able to use creativity to turn thoughts into reality is something I wouldn't trade for anything.



But wait! There's more!

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and hand-letterer originally from San José, California, and I just graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Graphic Communication and a minor in studio art. 

In my four-ish years of schooling, I've learned about typography, design, print processes, user interface design, branding, and marketing. I've also discovered my love for hand-lettering and I use it to combine my studio art and graphic design skills. 

Aside from hoping to work at an innovative and creative company, I hope to someday create and publish a book, see my art and lettering on stationery, travel the world, and make murals.

When I'm not creating something, I'm usually cooking gluten-free food, practicing yoga, playing guitar, riding my bike, or hula-hooping. 

Feel free to join me on my creative journey by getting in touch or by following my Instagram to see what I'm up to.   



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