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Alyssa Wigant. Here's a summary of who she is.

Graphic Designer.

Alyssa has worked with stellar design teams at companies like Shutterfly, GoldieBlox, and Elephant. When she's not on a contract, Alyssa is also a freelance graphic designer and letterer for her own design business, Alyssa Wigant Creative Company.

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Aside from being a freelance graphic designer for Alyssa Wigant Creative Company, Alyssa is also selling her original artwork online at Hipshit.co, a brand of her own creation. Here you will find prints, stickers, and soon, patches and pins!

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Twitch Affiliate. 

Alyssa's most recent endeavor is live-streaming her creative process on Twitch. Under the alias "edamami", she shares her sass and creativity with the world.

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