Who is she?

Alyssa Wigant is a quirky graphic designer whose experience spans multiple areas of expertise: marketing, business, illustration, print production, and visual design. 

Alyssa’s resourcefulness and love for learning let her thrive within creative constraints, deliver top-notch work despite pivots, and make an unforgettable impression while she’s at it. 

Experience? Prove it.

Since graduating from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Graphic Communication and Studio Art in December 2016, Alyssa has been an all-star contract graphic designer at Shutterfly, GoldieBlox, and Elephant. 

What's she doing now?

Probably still looking for a full-time job. When she’s not on a contract, she’s busy with freelance work, traveling the world on a budget, and creating art along the way for her Instagram. Not a bad way to spend time while waiting for the perfect full-time position at a design agency, tech company, or corporation, eh?

But is she cool?

She thinks so! 
Aside from her list of accolades you can find on her resume, Alyssa has a bunch of random talents and accomplishments as well.

These include hula hoop dancing, editing mockumentaries of her life (like her "Desert Dreams" video), pretending she is an influencer on Snapchat, and cooking Gluten-free food.

As you can tell, she lives a pretty free-spirited life that she doesn't take very seriously, which makes a great addition to any team.

Wanna know more? 

Contact Alyssa or keep in touch via Instagram

You won't regret it, and neither will she.  

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