Negranti Creamery

Ice Cream Pint Redesign

Client: Alexis Negranti, Negranti Creamery

Negranti Creamery, the first creamery to use sheep’s milk for their ice cream, needed a new package design for their iconic and delicious ice cream flavors. My team, Holy Sheep, a division of Cal Poly Graphic Communication’s Consumer Packaging class, became one of eight groups responsible for redesigning Negranti Creamery’s existing packaging to not only improve its aesthetics, but to also update the design with consideration for other relevant trends like sustainability, consumer engagement, target demographic, convenience, and more.

Project Brief: Your team is responsible for brand management of Negranti Creamery ice cream. You will redesignthe packaging that addresses a certain trend in ice cream packaging and position the package redesign so that your brand willeither protect market share, increase revenues, enter a new category, etc.

Deliverables: Pint design, magazine ad, video commercial, oral presentation (not pictured), research paper (not pictured), marketing plan (not pictured) and countertop display (not pictured).

Original Pint Design

Our Pint Design

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