For Cal Poly's Startup Weekend 2016

Made in 72 hours for Cal Poly's Startup Weekend, Quench is a startup with the goal to hydrate your life. The minimum viable product (MVP) is the "quench plate", an attachment to standard-sized water bottles that weighs the water bottle to see how much the user has drank. The Quench Plate is accompanied by the Quench mobile app, and users are alerted to drink more water via their smartphone. They can also track their water drinking statistics and tendencies through the app as well. 

In the team of 8 I was the only graphic designer, which made me in charge of branding, marketing, and user interface design, which was a lot to manage in the span of 72 hours. 

At the end of startup weekend, we came out with a 3D-printed prototype of the quench plate, a promo video, app screens, as well as a business plan and marketing strategy. We won an honorable mention.



A rendered image of what the Quench Plate would look like underneath a Hydro Flask water bottle, courtesy of teammate Blake Zabrek.

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