Week of Welcome 2015

Mobile App

Cal Poly's Week Of Welcome is a week of orientation for new students. It's filled with many presentations, awareness topics, and fun activities to get students familiar with Cal Poly and the surrounding San Luis Obispo. 

I worked closely with the Cal Poly New Students and Transitions department to create mockups that contained schedules, directions, and social media links to make sure everyone (students, WOW leaders, parents, faculty) is on the same page for WOW. 

The main struggles came from incorporating the WOW poster theme into the app. Another challenge was the client requested that the calendar screen be improved with a different type of color coding and symbology. This took many iterations until we came to the final solution below. After a lot of back and forth with the client, my design team and the developers were able to (proudly) produce a successful and well-used application.



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